3 Fall Trends You Should Try

I don't always love the fashion trends that come out each season, but there are a few I am loving this fall!

1. Knee High Boots

Really I should say OTK boots because they're everywhere! But, I don't like the way they look on me so I went with knee high boots. They can be paired with skinny jeans, but I love them most with a skirt or dress!

2. Hats

I never really thought I could pull off hats, but I decided to give it a try this year. I have to say, I love them! They add a little something extra to every outfit and give the impression you tried harder than you actually did. My personal favorite reason: If you don't have time to wash your hair just throw on a hat.

3. Corduroy

Ok this is taking me back to my middle school years. But I love all the fun colors and options you can get with corduroy. And it's a great substitute for jeans when you want to mix it up!

What trends are you loving this fall?