5 Must-Haves for a New Baby

I remember being pregnant with Leo and being so overwhelmed with what I should register for. I'd never had a baby. What items did I actually need?

After having two babies, I feel like I should help all those out there stressing about what you need for a new baby.

1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This is by far the best thing we received for both babies. Yes, it is more expensive than other baby bouncers out there. But, we tried several before we ended up with this one.

I love this bouncer for two reasons. First, when you have a new baby you either hold them or lay them down. Newborns get bored laying down quickly and want to spice things up. The baby bjorn lets them sit up and look around before they are capable of doing that on their own. It also lets them bounce by pumping their legs. Once Leo and Blake got bigger, they would pump their legs so hard to make it bounce. It made them laugh nonstop! That's where we sit Blake 90% of the time.

Don't trust that innocent face

Second, it fits a baby like a glove. Other bouncers we tried didn't have the right angle and would make the babies' chin hit their chest. They always seemed uncomfortable and wouldn't sit in it for very long. That's why I highly recommend the baby bjorn. We wasted our money on two different bouncers before we ended with this one.

Leo tries to catapult her. Don't worry no one was hurt

She loves it!

We also had the Rock 'n Play and Momaroo. Both were great, but we only used them for a couple of months compared to the Baby Bjorn. We've used it for over six months with each baby.

2. Play Gym

When you're finally tired of holding that little bundle of joy, you're going to want a place to lay her down. A play mat comes in very handy. You can get a simple play gym or something more elaborate. Whatever your little heart desires. This one can sit up with the baby! Having something the baby can grab, kick, listen to, and look at help develop fine and gross motor skills and sensory development. It's a better option than laying the baby on the couch to watch t.v. (can't say I haven't done that).

3. The Bumbo

The Bumbo is another must-have for us. You can sit your baby in the Bumbo before they are able to sit up on their own. This is great because it helps them develop their core muscles. It is also a perfect seat for feeding your baby. We used the book 'Moms On Call' for feeding schedules and started solid foods between 4-5 months. So, it's perfect for babies around that age. They say to keep it on the floor for babies safety ...

As for eating, you'll need a high chair. I have found the most important aspect of a high chair is how easy it is to clean and how much space it takes up. This one has the best of both worlds.

4. Sound Machine

Another must-have from 'Moms On Call,' is a sound machine. This little baby is a life saver. We used this sound machine from day one with both babies. We use white noise only and turn it on loud enough to hear it outside their closed door. This helps babies drift right off to sleep and prevents your house from becoming a library at 7pm (no more whispering and tip-toeing around so you don't wake the baby).

5. Baby Jumper

Don't let her fool you. She loves it!

For Leo we had a typical jumper. It was great and Leo seemed to enjoy it. When Blake came along we got this jumper that could hang from doorways, and it is amazing! She absolutely LOVES it and jumps for hours, literally. I like this one because she can jump higher and seems to have so much fun. It can be moved easily from room-to-room, so your little one can join you wherever you are. Oh and it's a lot cheaper! The stand alone jumper has more entertainment and might be better for one baby. Leo is Blake's entertainment so she never seems to get bored.

Baby girl got some air thanks to Leo

I hope this helps! What are your must-haves for baby? Please share in the comments!