5 Simple Exercises to Stay Fit

I feel silly sharing my workout routine because I have trouble finding the time to do it. But whenever I do, I feel so much better ... like I'm winning at life!

These exercises can be done in a gym or at home during nap-time (while watching your reality tv). Win-win right? I usually throw both kids in our double jogging stroller and go for a run. I stop three times along the way and do these exercises.

Leo looks like a mad scientist

1. 20 Push Ups

Good ole' push ups. I used to pride myself on how many push ups I could do, until I realized I've been doing them wrong this whole time.

Tip: Lay on your stomach and put your hands directly under your shoulders. Engage your core and push your whole body up at once. Slowly let yourself back down until your nose (or for those more blessed, your chest) touches the ground.

Modification: Put your hands on a bench and do the push up in an elevated position.

Challenge: Elevate your legs to increase difficulty.

2. 20 One-Legged Squats (10 on each leg)

One-legged squats sound intimidating but there are simple modifications that can help you work your way up to these. I stand on a bench (or fireplace when I do them at home), slowly squat down to the seated position, and then stand back up. I keep my arms out for balance and never let my knees go past my toes.

Modification: Place one foot on the bench and one foot on the ground. Put all your weight on your bent leg and slowly stand up. When you lower your body back to the ground, hold off as long as possible from putting your other foot back on the ground.

Challenge: Hold your foot that's not on the bench with your hand and don't let go throughout the squat.

3. One-Minute Plank

With your forearms or palms on the ground, engage your core and lift your body while making a straight line with your body from feet to shoulder. Be careful to not let your body arch or shoulders or hips sag.

Modification: Bend at your knees or start with 20 seconds and work your way up to a minute.

Challenge: Raise one leg and the opposite arm making a horizontal line that is parallel with the ground.

4. Jump Squats

Placing all your weight on your heels, squat down to where your booty is even with your knees (lower if you can while maintaining proper form). Keep your chest up so all your weight stays on your glutes. Once you are at your lowest point, jump straight up.

Modification: Skip the jumping.

Challenge: Pulse at the bottom 3x and then jump straight up.

5. Dips

Dips can be done almost anywhere. On my run, I find a bench. At home, I use the coffee table. Sitting on the bench, place your hands on the bench shoulder-width apart. Straighten your legs and bring your booty off the bench. With you weight on your arms, lower your body until your shoulder and arm make a right angle. Then push yourself back up.

Modification: Bend at your knees

Challenge: Elevate your feet

What are your favorite at-home exercises? I'd love to hear them!