A Quick Way to Substantial Nutrients!

I'll admit it, those golden arches call my name like Batman to the Bat signal. And Leo who used to eat anything, including dirt, is now super picky. So with my need for french fries, two little babies, and a husband with type 1 diabetes I have to find ways to get in our nutrients. Enter: A green smoothie.

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Leo just started pre-school and I work in a hospital so it seems like someone in our house is always sick. I decided to make a green smoothie to help us fight off our sickness. When Leo tried it the first thing he said was 'ice cream!' That's right. Ice cream! I guess because it's cold and sweet. From then on he asks for an 'ice cream smoothie' every morning.

He's been scared of the blender since he was a baby

Here's our recipe:

1 cup Pineapple

1 cup frozen Mango

3-4 cups Spinach (really as much spinach as you can shove in there)

1/4 cup Orange juice

That's it! If you don't use frozen mango you may want to add ice to make it cold. You can also replace the orange juice with water or pineapple juice.