Best Baby Girl Bows

Let's face it, in the beginning babies look like genderless adorable blobs. You definitely need a way to signal that your baby girl is not actually a boy. I’ve bought bows from everywhere and rounded up my favorites.

Baby Bling

I’m a late comer to baby bling and I’m so disappointed I didn’t know about them sooner. These bows are so soft and stylish. And each one is handmade! They have a choice of a skinny headband or the thicker fabric headbands, sailor knots, buns or bows, and a variety of different prints. They have a ton of colors and I really want to get them all. I mean have you seen the periwinkle headband?! All the heart eyes!

I’m loving the thicker headbands for now because when you’re baby is still a baldy they add a little something. And they don't leave an indention around her head which is a huge deal because baby girl was born with a head that's off the charts (mama no longer has bladder control). And I can’t wait to try the clips when she sprouts some hair!

Lou Lou and Company

I received a Lou Lou & Company newborn essential bundle for my baby shower. I fell in love with how soft the material is and how gorgeous the headbands are. I immediately ordered a mini bow for her newborn pictures. Many of the bows come in three different sizes, mini, chubby, and large. When she was a newborn I loved the mini size and as she’s grown I’ve loved the larger sizes and headbands. They offer clips and pigtail sets as well.

Little Poppy Co.

A bow subscription! What girl mom doesn’t need this?? Little Poppy Company is a monthly subscription. When you subscribe you will receive three bows each month. I started our subscription in July and one of the bows was red, white, and blue. She of course wore that for the 4th of July. The bows are different styles and material and they are all great quality! I am especially loving these September bows!

Finding that little pink package in the mail is something I look forward to every month!