full body chair workout

This workout can be done almost anywhere because all you need is a chair! It is a full body workout that targets all your main muscle groups. And because you use only body weight your core will constantly be engaged toning the largest part of your body!


Place palms on seat of chair and straighten legs with heels on floor. Bending at the elbow lower your body until your upper arm is parallel with the floor. Slowly straighten your arms and return to starting position. Bending your knees makes the exercise a little easier. Dips work your chest along with shoulders and triceps.


Stand with back to the chair a couple steps in front. Place toes of one foot on the chair. Bending at the knee lower your body until thigh is parallel with the floor. Slowly, return to starting position. This exercise works the quadriceps and hamstrings along with your core.

Inverted Push Ups

Place palms on seat of chair with arms straight and legs straight behind you. Lower your body until your chest touches the chair. Slowly, return to starting position. To increase intensity Invert your body so your toes are on the chair and hands are on the ground. This exercise works your chest, shoulders and triceps while also working your core.

Step Ups

Stand facing the chair with right foot in seat of chair. Placing all weight on right foot straighten right leg until your leg is straight and you are standing on right leg. Very slowly, lower your body down until left foot is back on the floor. Be careful, not to let your body come down too fast and all your weight comes down on your ankle. This exercise works your hamstrings, glutes, and quadripes.

Chair Crunches

Sit with booty on edge of chair. Raise legs in front of you and lower back until it is barely touching the back of the chair. Bring chest and knees toward the middle as if trying to touch. Lower your body back to starting position. This exercise works your abdominals especially targeting that coveted V area and lower abs.