gift guide: health + fitness friend

If you wear headphones a lot to work out, I would invest in some wireless headphones!

Instead of having to carry your phone around to listen to music, you can get a smart watch to play your music while also keeping track of your calories burned! And it will hook up to your wireless headphones!

I've said it before, but these are my new favorite leggings! They are called airbrush leggings because they really do hide all the lumps and dents. And they are so comfortable!

These sneakers might actually make me run because the soul is called cloudfoam! If I could run on clouds, I would be more motivated.

Speaking of comfy, this jacket is perfect for wearing to the gym or going for a run.

Both my babies have been sick, and a patient of mine let me borrow some essential oils. I might become an oil person because it seemed to work so well ... and I love the modern look of this diffuser.

Most people go from the office to the gym and need a bag for their change of clothes, etc. I guess it's because I have been carrying around a backpack style diaper bag for two years, but I love backpacks for everything now! This one would be perfect for a gym bag.

After having two kids, I had to cancel our gym membership because I no longer have the time to get to a gym. I now workout at home using an exercise ball and resistance bands. It's a much cheaper option than a gym membership and your workouts can be done at home during nap time!