I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 32 (what I wish I had known at 22)

I just turned 32 ... My son just turned 2. We've been celebrating the last few weeks having a little birthday party at the beach with our best friends, cupcakes and ice cream during the week, and a party with his cousins and grandparents this weekend. It has been a wonderful few weeks and I am the happiest I have ever been. Not because my life is perfect but because I have two little humans and an awesome husband that make life oh so sweet.

It got me thinking about how different my life is from 10 years ago. I thought I had it all figured out ... HA! Sometimes I wish I could go back and give my younger self some advice. Here's what I would say to that 22 year old girl.

1. Make a budget kid, it will catch up with you. You'll get your first job and make more money than you ever have before. You can't spend whatever you want and think it won't catch up with you. Learn to budget now and it will be your best friend in every stage of life.

2. Take advice from people who are where you want to be. This one was stolen from our pastor Andy Stanley. But hey, he's a pretty wise dude. It seems like common sense that you wouldn't seek out advice from someone who has no experience in a certain area but you do it all the time. Your roommates are fun to watch movies with and talk about crushes with but when it comes to real world problems you should find someone who has gone through the same thing and been successful.

3. Here's another one from good ole' Andy Stanley - Be the person who you're looking for is looking for. You might have to read that one again. If you want to end up with someone who is worth your time then you're gonna have to work on you ... not find your unicorn prince charming.

4. Take accountability ... in life, in relationships, and at work. Sure there are other people to blame, and it might not be your fault. But when you make a mistake, own it. When it comes to relationships, you'll date your share of losers but you're not without fault my dear. Focus on improving your flaws.

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5. You can't eat Taco Bell forever girl! That's right... your metabolism will slow down. You won't have as much time to workout. You'll get a job and just want to go to bed at the end of the day. Oh and I won't scare you with what happens to your body after you have a baby but that cheesy gordita crunch is not your friend. Learn to eat healthy now. It won't be as hard later.

Oh and stop worrying. I'd tell you how but I'm still working on that one.

What would you tell your younger self?