pink blush

I have long been a fan of Pink Blush! I became a customer when I was pregnant and looking for that perfect maternity dress for pictures. You know the one I'm referring to. The iconic off-the-shoulder long sleeve maxi dress. That's when I discovered Pink Blush and their gorgeous maternity dresses. Well fast forward three years and two babies later, I'm no longer pregnant and in need of maternity clothes...but I'm still a customer.

The key to getting a good pic with Leo - take it right after his nap when he's still sleepy

When Pink Blush reached out to me, I have to admit I didn't realize they had women's clothes too. I went on their website and looked through all their women's clothes, and I fell back in love with them!

Look at that ruffle trim! All the heart eyes!

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I received this pajama set and I can honestly say they are the softest pajamas I've ever had! The color is a pretty purple-ish blue and might be my new favorite color! The ruffle trim on the arms and legs add just the right amount of feminine detail. And it beats the baggy sweatpants and t-shirt I had been passing off as pajama's.

The key to getting a good pic with Blake - make sure that belly's full. And I mean FULL

Needless to say, I will be a returning customer. My shopping cart is getting a little full already. But how could I say no to these linen overalls? Or this fun jacket? Oh and maybe the best discovery I've made through all of this: their baby/kid clothes! This adorable jumpsuit will be coming home with me!

He's starting to wake up ... Better wrap this up

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