Where to take skyline pictures in Atlanta

Atlanta is a beautiful city with a distinct skyline. I always wanted a picture of our family with the skyline as the backdrop but didn't know where to go. I have found two places that are easily accessible and make for perfect pictures!

1. Piedmont Park

We discovered this little gem when shooting family pictures for a friend. (We also saw Liam Neeson in the park during our shoot so win-win.) It is on top of a hill with the skyline perfectly in view. This spot is unique because it offers greenery combined with a cityscape. It is perfect for family pictures, engagement sessions, or maternity shoots.

How to get there? There is an entrance to the park off 10th Street that looks like this.

Once you walk through the entrance take an immediate left. Walk up the sidewalk until you are at the top of the hill. You will see the skyline to your right. Take a right and walk through the field until you find the perfect spot.

This is the sidewalk you take up the hill

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2. Jackson Street Bridge

This might look familiar. The Walking Dead ring a bell? The Jackson Street Bridge lends to a more urban backdrop. It may seem intimidating being right on an Atlanta highway but it's actually a very quiet side street! Daniel took these pics standing in the middle of the street. That's how quiet this street is!

View of the bridge

It's the perfect location for a proposal (I hope guys read this blog), engagement pictures, save the dates, or if you just want to document that you were in the city.

Parking is easy. You can park on the road right next to the bridge and just walk right around the corner.

We parked on John Wesley Dobbs

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